Commercial Painting Services

Revitalise your business now and in the future

Image matters especially the one of your business. You can not afford to look stale or stagnant – you need to remain fresh and relevant at all times. With The Painter’s Touch at your side, you can repair, refresh and revitalise the image of your organisation.

No matter the size or type of premises, we can;

  • Rebrand interiors and exteriors,
  • Remove graffiti,
  • Repaint at end of an existing lease,
  • Renovate,
  • Repaint

Choose us for any of the above or more and you will see a perfectly solid return on investment now and in the future.

Who Do We Work With

We can capably apply our professional painting skills to;

  • Schools,
  • Offices,
  • Stores,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Sports halls,
  • Body corporates,
  • Real Estate.

How It Works

Estimation and Quote

Call or email us today with details of your office or store to obtain a thorough and fair quote covering:


Other Materials

Expected project length All of which will be based solely upon what you have outlined for us – there will be no unnecessary additions or extended hours included.

For added confirmation before finalising the quote, a thorough site inspection, covering every last aspect of the proposed project, will be carried out. The only way the written price will change is if a) we carry out less work than is quoted; or b) you request added work to be done.


We will discuss every aspect of the painting project with you, including;

  • Opening Hours,
  • Closures (if necessary),
  • Stakeholders,
  • Staff and customer safety,
  • Expectations,
  • Your brand,
  • Colours,
  • Textures,
  • And finishes.

We will take the time and effort to fully understand what you need and expect from us before, during and after the job. For added reassurance, all of the information discussed will be outlined in a detailed plan that will be made available to all involved.


For quality and safety purposes, we undertake thorough preparation before commencing any job, including;

  • Power washing,
  • Scraping,
  • Sanding and priming,
  • Complete caulking of joints and cracks,
  • Minor and major plastering of the surface if needed,
  • Complete masking of all windows and careful coverage of plants and ground surfaces.


During the painting process you will be kept fully informed of;

  • Daily progress,
  • Problems if and when they arise
  • As well as recommendations when applicable.

No matter the length or scale of the work, you can rely on your The Painter’s Touch painters to be prompt, efficient and friendly from beginning to end.


Upon completion, our team will thoroughly clean the area prior to walking you through a complete inspection of the work.

Call The Painter’s Touch on 0405 060 822 for effective, pristine commercial painting services